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Why not embrace the new life by studying abroad! You can go with your dream plans as GVIC (Global Visa Immigration Consultancy) is here for you.

Many of the students stop dreaming of studying abroad due to the fear of fraud by several cheat immigration companies. Now, you need to worry.

At GVIC (Global Visa Immigration Consultancy), we have the most trustworthy and versatile team of immigration specialists. Well, before heading next with GVIC, it is vital to know the services covered by us:

  • Admissions
  • Career Counseling
  • Education Service
  • Migration
  • Visa Processing
  • Accommodation and Airport Pickup Services
  • Pre Departure Brief
  • Some Additional Services

For the new aspirants and dreamers of studying abroad, our services lead a successful way for them. In order to offer overseas education along with suitable employment at a new place, GVIC handles the migration and entire registration process for the students.

The extended and experienced professionals of our team at every corner are available. To make it easier for you, we have our Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh, Nepal, U.k& Australia.


You can reach either to apply for the following areas:

  • Student Visa for Australia
  • Student Visa for Canada
  • Student Visa for U.K
  • Student Visa for New Zealand

To get a Student Visa for any of the above country you need to consider the few thing such as:

  • Financial Strength – It is obviously one of the important factors for continuing your new phase and lifestyle once you reach the desired country.
  • Clean Record- A clearance on any criminal cases is mandatory. Besides this, medical clearance is required for receipt of the visa.
  • IELTS Score- Scoring the valid marks in IELTS is mandatory to apply for a Study Visa. GVIC helps its Students with IELTS Coaching which makes the whole process quite easy. Keep in mind, these scores are mandatory entities in the form of the Student Visa.
  • Copies of important documents- Be prepared and ready with all the essential docs of yours. It is better to keep the copies of all documents with you.
  • Know How To Answer- Well, you have to calmly face the interview process by keeping all the study plans and reasons in your mind. Don’t get confused.

How to get a Student Visa?

The student visa is issued to those applicants whose primary purpose of visit to another nation is pursuits of education. Getting the admission in the university is the best criteria and it helps to get the permanent residency also with the work permit. From multiple points of view, education is the high criteria to do this.

However, the next thing to do in the country is something you have to keep in mind. In case you are not that much aware about the next step, our world-class specialists are always supportive and the real guiders for you there.

At Global Visa Immigration Consultancy our aim is:-

  • To let you open the closed wings of yours,
  • And make you fly high just as you want to do.
  • Takes you to the place of your dreams,
  • That makes you a believer and creator of whatever you do.
  • Come and join hands with GVIC for your dreams!


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We provide immigration in all over country and universities.


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