Do you have any sponsorship from someone in Canada?

If yes, then the immigration process goes quite easy and quick for you. In case if any of your relatives residing there as a permanent resident and sponsors you then:

He/she has to support you financially to meet all the basic needs of yours such as food, shelter, clothing when you arrive there. Besides this, if any foreign country wants to fill a specific position by hiring an employee from outside the country.

Then after finding the right candidate and doing the proper paperwork along with the complete fees to obtain a visa for the selected one is all their responsibility. Remember, the employee can not apply for the visa process directly in case of employment sponsorship.

The experts of DV Dhaliwal can help you in this process by creating the sponsorship packages.

The sponsorship program covers the following:

  • Spouse/Partner or Dependent Children
  • Parents & Grand Parents
  • Siblings or Relatives

Sponsorship Program for Spouse Partner or Dependent Children


  • The minimum age to apply is at least 18 years old.
  • The one who holds permanent citizenship or a registered person in Canada as an Indian under the Indian Act.
  • If you reside outside the city, then it is important to show your plans to live in the city once the person you are sponsoring becomes permanent residents.
  • In case, you are a permanent resident outside the city then you can’t sponsor someone.
  • Take responsibility for the basic requirements of the one you are sponsoring.

How to apply

  • You have to apply as a sponsor.
  • Your spouse, partner or children have to apply for permanent residence.

As per the instructions, it is needed to send both the applications together at the same time.


It is required to get the application package which includes the following:

  • Document checklist for all: You and persons you want to sponsor.
  • Fill the respective forms: Yours and the persons you want to sponsor.
  • Instruction guide for all to fill the form correctly.

Fee and processing time

  • The fee to sponsor a spouse, a partner starts from $1,040
  • While for a child, it starts from $ 150.
  • However, the processing time depends on the given biometrics after the one applied. Usually, 12 months.

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