Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled Worker Visa

In abroad, there is a great demand for skilled workers. Under the skilled migration program, highly skilled workers are considered valuable to strengthen the economy of foreign countries such as Canada. On the basis of several important factors, the skilled worker’s visa is provided by following the set of rules and regulations for the respective country one applied for.

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Selection Criteria

Following are the criteria required for Skilled Visa




Job Offer



Guidelines for Skilled Worker Visa

Besides this, to meet the guidelines for the skilled worker visa we start the application process by considering all the following points:

  • Does the candidate hold any experience as a skilled worker?
  • What’s your language ability?
  • What’s the  level of education you have done?

All these guidelines and eligibility factors are important to earn good points. Usually, the minimum points are 67. Once the candidate gets success in earning good points the next step becomes easy for him/her. A piece of Right Advice is a boon for you

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