Skilled Professional

Skilled Professional

DV Dhaliwal addresses the real gems who are skilled professionals!

Many times, people hold amazing skills in different fields. But sadly they didn’t get the right platform to show their talent and proficiency. Well, for this one, they definitely need to move to other countries that offer such platforms and appreciation for such skills. Luckily, Canada is one such country.

In case, the skilled professionals are a boom for the economy of Canada then they can get permanent visas and immigration for Canada. However,  it requires following the procedure and immigration level plans to get a permanent residency in a foreign country.

Eligibility to Apply for Skilled Professional Visa

  • How much-skilled work experience do you have?
  • What’s your language ability?
  • Highest level of education you have done?

You are eligible if you meet all the above-mentioned requirements.

Selection Criteria

Following are the criteria required for Skilled Visa



Work experience

Job Offer


Language skills

You earn points which are calculated on the basis of all these above factors. Point system is distributed out of the 100-point grid. Minimum 67 points are considered as best to proceed. After the selection factor process, if you are a valid one and reach the Express entry pool, then your chances to apply for permanent residence increases.

Hence, the entire procedure of permanent residence is completely based on skilled candidates education, work experience, knowledge of English, and other factors. In short, all these factors play a crucial role in providing success to skilled professionals. Once you meet all the requirements, the team of DV Dhaliwal takes responsibility for the next step.