Scholarship Assistance

Scholarship Assistance

It is an expensive issue for many students who want to study abroad. You may get anxious if at your undergraduate or graduate level you have to pay $200,000 or more. There are high fees for two-year programs like MBA. These costs vary according to the institute. Thus, some scholarships can help students apply and study at such institutes.

These are available to candidates with high potential. Apart from academic proficiency, there are various other criteria on basis of which scholarship is given. These criteria are English Language, written essays and work experience. The overall profile of the student is also checked. Many institutes provide financial aid to international students according to the requirements. There are other institutes where you can get merit-based scholarships and loans. You can pay for your entire study if you are choosing both options.

The GVIC team has scholarship assistance consultants who can give your right guidance. We believe in providing education to students which is affordable. Our team familiarizes students with different scholarship options available. We have the list of universities and local bodies wherein you can apply for the scholarships. This is based on academics, work experience, IELTS and/or other competitive exams.

Our Objective

  • Familiarizing students with different scholarships like semester wise scholarship, living expense scholarship and more.
  • Give details to students about the various International scholarships available
  • Motivate and guide the students to take the first step towards preparing for the scholarship.
  • The major objective of The GVIC team is to make your overseas education cost-efficient. Your study will be hassle-free.

GVIC Assistance

The GVIC team provides below assistance to you:

  • Scholarships and Loan consulting service
  • Financial Aid
  • Advice on Institution selection
  • Foreign Student Financial Aid and guidelines on how to fill the form

GVIC believes that deserving students should get the best educational support. Hence, we aid them with all kinds of scholarship and loan facilities. This can help in shaping their lives. You can consult our advisors for simplifying your financial worries.

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