Pre Departure Brief


Pre Departure Brief

Are you excited about studying in a new country? Is it some anxiety which you are facing?

You do not have to worry the GVIC team is there to help you. We understand that visiting overseas for the first time can make students nervous & also parents worried. Thus, the GVIC team imparts Pre-Departure instructions to all its Student visa holders.

We conduct various pre-departure sessions throughout the year. Also, our guidance will remove all your apprehensions. You can discover personal growth opportunities once you attend our sessions.

What is Included in The Briefing?

Packing the stuff

You should know which all items are a must for packing. The GVIC team teaches you how to stay organized. We have found that this can save your major amount of time. You will feel more comfortable while being in a new country. We have a ready checklist that you can use as a reference.

After arriving

Once you enter the country, there are various kinds of confusion. You may not be aware of immigration checks for instance. The GVIC team will explain all the procedures. This includes custom and immigration checks. Also, you will get guidance on the best way to reach your campus and what conveyance you should choose for.

Next, we will let you know how you can manage your finances while studying abroad.  This will include setting up a bank account and taking care of your expenses.

About the culture of the city

Before going to the city where you are going to study, you must know about its culture. We are there to give you information about the activities, people and culture of the city. It will help you with communication and meeting new people.

Brief on student life

Studying abroad will be a completely new environment for you. It will take some time for you to adjust there. Hence, our sessions will update you about what you can expect. You may have questions like how will be the learning style. Hence, we will brief you on it.

Apart from that, the GVIC team will let you know about the rights which you can avail of as an international student. Also, we will give you the checklist of dos and don’ts in the new city.

We give you the opportunity to connect with our alumni for any other questions.


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