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Free Eligibility Assessment

Every Immigration Aspirant is curious to check the eligibility to achieve their goals. They always search for quick, reliable & effective provision to check their potential. An online assessment for Eligibility can be an essential tool for such Individuals.

GVIC has come up with an Online Eligibility Assessment program for its users. Our team understands the in-depth of Immigration Rules in various Countries.

GVIC offers an assessment on all its services for the following aspirants –

  • Student Visa for students seeking Diploma, Graduate & Postgraduate programs.
  • Visitor Visa for Tourists, Families & Business seekers.
  • Work Visa for Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Temporary Work Permits.
  • Permanent Residency for Individuals & families on the point-based system.
  • Other Visa & Immigrations services such as Family.


Our Online Eligibility Assessment Program is simple & free.

Apply Online

(Step 1)

Receive Questionnaire

(Step 2)

Submit Documents

(Step 3)

Receive Eligibility Report

(Step 4)

Company Highlights

  • Sign up with a simple form explaining your requirements.
  • Our Team will study & Analise your requirements.
  • Receive a customized Questionnaire relevant to your requisite in email.
  • Our Expert professionals analyse the submission & Documents.
  • Receive your Eligibility Assessment report along with suggestions & steps to reach your goal.
  • Online Documents Submission
  • Real Time Update
  • Increased Chances of Visa Approval
  • Safety, Security & Transparency
  • Online Application Filing
  • End to End Visa Facilitation
  • Receive you Case Analysis
  • Embassy Bookings & appointments


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We provide immigration in all over country and universities.


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