Family Visa

Family Visa

Family-Based Immigration means immigrating to Canada on basis of a relationship with a resident present there. Although the complete immigration process includes a number of steps to be done carefully.

For Immigration of entire family under Family Visa, you can opt either of the available Visa Type as mentioned below – 

  • Spouse Visa
  • Parent Visa
  • Child Visa
  • Family Visa to an adult who needs long-run care by a relative.
  • Family Visa based on your private life.
  • Permanent settlement in case if the partner dies
  • Visa for divorced or separated ones.

DV Dhaliwal helps you out in the selection of appropriate Visa for the Immigration of your family. On the basis of the type of visa selected, we provide the services by considering eligibility criteria and other procedure steps by keeping in mind respective countries’ rules and regulations.

Documents Required

Family Immigration process is not strictly the same for every foreign country. There are different requirements and procedures to complete the immigration process. Hence, you have to do the entire process by following their respective criteria.

If you are not sure of the immigration process for Canada then you can consult our experts at DV Dhaliwal anytime.

Under the expert guidance of our Professionals, you will follow the right procedure for the immigration process along with complete support at every step of visa processing.  We hold experienced and registered consultants to direct you to reliable and trustworthy services.  

List of Documents Required :-

  • Current passport or valid travel ID
  • Previous passports
  • Proof of relationship to a family member who you are joining
  • Proof that you can meet the financial or maintenance requirement
  • Proof of your knowledge of English
  • Medical Test Result