DV Dhaliwal is leading continuously as one of the best overseas education and immigration specialist companies. Our vision is to offer high-assistant services and endless efforts to help you in accomplishing overseas study, business, permanent residence, etc.

In case, you want to establish a permanent life with your family in  Canada then DV Dhaliwal directs you in this context. We provide you with the possible ways through which you may get a family visa.

Have a look at the types of Family Visa you can apply for based on your requirements:

  • Spouse Visa, Parent Visa, Child Visa
  • Family Visa to an adult who needs long-run care by a relative.
  • Family Visa based on your private life.
  • Permanent settlement in case if the partner dies
  • Visa for divorced or separated ones.

Eligibility Criteria

For all the above categories of visa, you can sponsor only if you hold permanent citizenship or a registered person in  Canada. Besides this, you should have to take responsibility for the basic requirements of the one you are sponsoring.

Although the long list of eligibility criteria need to be followed for this whole process. Make sure you complete the application process, fee and processing time accurately.

However, you are not eligible for the family visa in case of the following circumstances:

  • If you are in Canada with a work visa, visitor visa for 6 months, or temporary student visa.
  • Your visa application does not qualify in case you have a visitor marriage visa or a pending final court decision on a family or divorce matter.

We proceed with your family visa process only if you are a qualified one for the visa application under the laws and regulations. Besides this, we also consider the type of visa you want to apply for along with the eligibility criteria as well for the next step.

DV Dhaliwal assures the positive result only if you pass the barriers of specific rules and eligibility criteria.

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