Why Does Citizenship Matter?

Availing the citizenship of Canada is the ultimate goal of most of the immigrants. Citizenship provides you with the right to Vote, Live, Work, Pay taxes, etc. in the country. We are an expert when it comes to Canadian citizenship.

You can apply for citizenship by following the right procedure for it. However, for attaining smooth citizenship, you need to be familiar with all the relative rules and requisites. The team of DV Dhaliwal comes in the picture right here, directing the needs of Citizenship Planning for Canada. Our team of immigration specialists understand the case to case variations and dynamic requisites of the client and thus, offer the best relative solution. Our expertise, years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Canadian citizenship rules and regulations assure effective results.


Criteria to Apply for Canadian Citizenship

Check out the process & eligibility to avail  Canadian Citizenship.

Some key requirements for a person to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

  • Must be a Permanent Resident of Canada.
  • Must be living in the country from 3 to 5 years
  • Qualified & well informed by the Rights, Responsibilities & Knowledge of Canada
  • Must be a regular Tax Payer


An important step is dependent upon the Age & Qualifications of applicant.

  • An adult between the age of 18 to 54 years. The applicant has to go for a test and interview session.
  • Applicant above 55 years age group can apply for Citizenship. There is no test for such applicants but an interview is scheduled.
  • Minors under 18 years of age with parents applying at the same time may or may not go for a test and interview.


Citizenship Oath Ceremony is quite a crucial step for acquiring Canadian Citizenship!

A notice with a date, time, and the location is sent after the 3 months of the conduction of the test. In the ceremony, candidates are required to carry the documents as mentioned below:-

  • Ceremony notice of yours.
  • A signed copy of the permission release and consent form.
  • Permanent resident card
  • Personal identification proof
  • Passports and travel docs.

Citizenship certificates are provided to the candidates after the completion of documents signing process.

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