Citizenship/ Permanent Residence

Citizenship/ Permanent Residence

For the citizenship or permanent visa to Canada, you need to know the complete formalities and process to apply for it. If you are an interested one in availing the citizenship of Canada then make sure to be sure of all the requirements it demands.

Well, many times the clients are a little bit confused and they get unsuccessful in obtaining citizenship. In such cases, you need to go with the best immigration and consultation company.

As with DV Dhaliwal, you understand the overall guidelines and procedures for the smooth process of achieving citizenship on time. We bring you the opportunity of great development by allowing you the right of Citizenship. 

Benefits of Pemanent Resedency

FYI, there are so many benefits of obtaining the permanent residency of any foreign country. However, the benefits provided by different countries are not the same at all. You experience different advantages for the particular country you are applying for. But usually, you get the following rights:

  • You can enjoy the unrestricted right to live and work.
  • For any education, you have to pay the domestic fees instead of paying the international fee charges.
  • You are allowed with the right to vote advantage as well.

There are several other benefits provided by different countries as per based on their policies and regulations. Besides this, certain requirements are necessary to become the citizenship of any foreign country such as:

  • One needs to be a permanent resident of the country.
  • At least 3 years of continuous living are mandatory for obtaining citizenship.
  • Need to qualify a test on rights, responsibilities, and knowledge of the country.
  • Make sure you paid the taxes for at least 3 years.

After performing all the requirements, for the people of certain age groups, the process of interviews is scheduled. On succeeding in the interview round, you finally get a call for the citizenship oath ceremony. In the ceremony, you are provided with the certificate of citizenship.

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